Calhoun-Isle / Lowry Hill East

This triangular-shaped neighborhood bounded by Lyndale, Hennepin, and Lake Streets is affectionately known as the Wedge. It is filled with substantial American Colonial Revival houses, such as one built in 1902 at 2447 Bryant Avenue. Solidly middle class when developed, and for a couple of generations more, the Wedge experienced a decline in the postwar years, when many of its houses were subdivided into rental apartments, gaining area a reputation as a center of counter culture.

As the ebb-and-flow cycle continued into the 1970s and 1980s, now-shabby houses were picked up at bargain prices (compared to housing just across Hennepin) by buyers who recognized their intrinsic qualities. Many have been restored as single family residences, and the Wedge seems to be on the upswing.

Although the neighborhood's visual character is established by many handsome though not architecturally distinguished houses, the Wedge does contain one architectural landmark, Purcell & Elmslie's Goetzenberger House, at 2621 Emerson. The area is conveniently located between Uptown and Downtown, well served by Hennepin and Lyndale bus routes.

Midtown Lofts, 2845 Colfax Avenue South, Minneapolis

Trendy in its Greater Uptown locale and stylish in its exterior imagery, Midtown Lofts is adjacent to the Midtown Greenway, close to Lyndale & Lake, and a half mile from Lake of the Isles. The intriguing exterior is thoroughly modern in expression, verging on avant-garde, while maintaining visual harmony with the prewar four-plexes common to this area. The ample living spaces benefit from artfully oversized windows, which project a loft-like character while maintaining a feeling of sheltered domesticity through the employment of substantial window mullions. All-in-all, a knowing take on urban life without sacrificing modern comfort.




Track 29 Lofts, 2818 Aldrich Avenue South, Minneapolis

Lyndale & Lake has developed appealingly into a smaller, more-comfortable version of Hennepin-Lake. Track 29 Lofts is a short walk from the Lyndale-Lake intersection, and a block from bus line into Downtown. Uptown is a ten-minute walk. Track 29 Lofts' exterior is modern, aggressively sculptural. Three-story townhouse configurations stack enclosed parking, kitchen and living areas, and bedrooms.

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