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Tucked away along the city's western edge, almost completely surrounded by lakes and parklands, Cedar Isles Dean Neighborhood is, environmentally, an embarrassment of riches. Relatively small in area compared to most Minneapolis neighborhoods, its defining natural and built features effectively subdivide Cedar Isles Dean into several distinctive residential enclaves. Much of this is of single-family housing, but a surprisingly wide choice of apartments and condos is also available, from modern towers to a charming walkup quarter along Xerxes Avenue that includes Art Deco duplexes at 2801 and 2805 Xerxes.

In addition to parkways, Cedar Isles Dean is the nexus of an extensive pedestrian trail/bikeway network, interconnecting the nearby lakes with the Midtown Greenway and also with a trail/bikeway extending all the way into Downtown. The recent explosion of boutique retail and restaurants at the neighborhood's southern boundary along Lake Street and Excelsior Boulevard only enhances this splendid residential setting.

With all these stellar qualities, Cedar Isles Dean is of course highly attractive. Over the past two decades, its population has grown by a third; virtually all of this growth has been absorbed by new multifamily housing built along or near Lake Street. Unsurprisingly, the neighborhood's median-family income is well more than double the citywide average. Even so, the neighborhood's exceptional variety of housing accommodates a range of incomes.

2626 Lake Street, 2626 West Lake Street, Minneapolis

Currently being expanded, this chic four-building residential complex provides an array of condominium sizes from 1,900 to 5,900 square feet with the added appeal of all thinkable amenities. Planted in the lush natural environment of Lake Calhoun, Midtown Greenway, parklands, and the esteemed Calhoun Beach Club/Hotel, 2626 Lake Street provides easy access to many Uptown hot spots. From inside, its northeast view boasts a perfect shot of the Downtown skyline and Lake of the Isles. Whether residents feel like staying in or going out, the assortment of local restaurants along with Lund’s, Whole Foods, and Byerly’s, makes its ideal location convenient for any mood or agenda.




Calhoun Ambassador, 2928 Dean Parkway, Minneapolis

The Ambassador is a period piece of post-war design that was built in 1960. Although the units are less than 700 square feet, the small space is made up for in location and charm. The units include balconies and underground parking. Calhoun Ambassador is blocks away from the lakes, trendy shops and notable restaurants. It is situated one mile from Uptown and has easy access via car or public transportation to Downtown.

Calhoun Isles, 3145-3151 Dean Court, Minneapolis

Calhoun Isles is the product of combining ingenuity with imagination – this residential tower has been adapted from grain elevators into the living space that it is today. In this building there are many floor layouts to choose from which range from a nearly 7,000 square foot penthouse to smaller lower floor units that have very reasonable prices. The units are based off two-story townhouse plans, include balconies, and are characterized by gently curving outer walls. As the name suggests, Calhoun Isles is situated near Lake Calhoun and Lake of the Isles in the Cedar Isles Dean neighborhood. It is near many shops and cafes with personalities as pleasant and unique as the story of this buildings transformation.


Lake Point, 2950 Dean Parkway, Minneapolis

As its name suggests, Lake Point is a visual exclamation point at the north end of Lake Calhoun. Its sculptural brick exterior reflects prevailing 1970s Minnesota architectural fashion. The ample living spaces are midway between the tightly defined floor plans characteristic of 1960s multifamily housing, and the more recent flowing, open plans. Of course, Lake Point's primary feature is view, especially from the higher floors. On a clear day, one can probably see most of the way to Chicago! In addition to the lakes, convenience to Uptown, Downtown, and nearby restaurants are all attractions.







Loop Calhoun Condominiums, 3104 West Lake Street, Minneapolis

Loop calhounThe abstract contemporary architecture is almost a California look, surely appropriate for an outdoors-oriented location near Lake Calhoun, directly on the Midtown Greenway. The condominiums, under construction in 2007, extend back from Lake Street on a linear property, so traffic noise is minimized, if not virtually eliminated for most units. Several condominium sizes and plans are offered, ranging between about 1,000-2,000 square feet in floor area. Furnishings and finishes quite sophisticated, including Italian kitchens and composite countertops. Several restaurants and Whole Foods are located within two blocks, and Uptown and Lund's are a mile away. Excelsior Boulevard restaurants, Trader Joe's, and Byerly's are a five-minute drive in the other direction.

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