Calhoun-Isles / West Calhoun

Located at the western city limits between Lake and 36th streets, West Calhoun neighborhood is a physically cohesive "neighborhood" in name only. The vast open spaces of Lake Calhoun and Minikahda Golf Club occupy most of West Calhoun's official planning area. These features separate a handful of amply sized single-family houses at the south from larger areas of apartments and condos at the north, off Lake Street and separately, off Excelsior Boulevard.

The burgeoning boutique retail-restaurant district near the Lake-Excelsior intersection provides a chic social setting. The neighborhood's environmental setting is enhanced by its parkway location on the Minneapolis Grand Rounds, overlooking Lake Calhoun and the distant Downtown skyline. The Bakken Museum at 36th and Zenith, offering fascinating exhibits of electricity and magnetism, is an unusual cultural attraction.

Calhoun Place, 3131 Excelsior Boulevard, Minneapolis

Calhoun Place is a mid-rise period piece that was built in the mid-1980s. The living units are singularly unique while the building is noted for its indoor pool and roof-deck overlooking Lake Calhoun. The building is located on Excelsior Boulevard which allows for easy freeway access and readily available public transportation. Calhoun Place is located between the rolling greens of Minikahda Club and scintillating Lake Calhoun. Within walking distance are many shops and restaurants which makes running errands simple and local.




Excelsior & Grand, Excelsior Boulevard btw. Monterrey and Quentin, St. Louis Park

Excelsior and Grand is the general name given to the adventurous multi-block, mixed-use development which includes myriad condominiums, restaurants, boutiques, and a Trader Joes. The development recalls New Urbanism visual formulas (the purposeful design of neighborhoods to include a variety of housing and jobs within walking distance) which have been enjoying resurgence in popularity as of late. Nearby are the Miracle Mile shopping center, Medcenter health complex, Byerly’s grocery store, Wolfe Lake Park, and Bass Lake wildlife preserve. Although there are several apartments nearby they differ from the development in outright scale and because they lack an overall coherency. Excelsior and Grand is located on the main surface route between Downtown and the southwestern suburbs, it is near Highway 100 which allows for increased regional access, and there is access to public transportation. The living units in this development are spacious and the building offers an outdoor pool, heated underground parking, and an exercise room.

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