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Prospect Park is familiar to most Minneapolitans for its hillside setting, dramatically marked by its wonderful Witch's Hat water tower at the very top. But like Marcy-Holmes, the official neighborhood is much larger than this picturesque area with winding streets—actually, Prospect Park's planning district is comprised of five physically dissimilar environments, only three of them residential. One of these is the original 19th-century streetcar suburb that builds up the hill. This part of Prospect Park includes a national architectural landmark, Frank Lloyd Wright's Willey House, at 255 SE Bedford. Residents with strong connections to the University are prominent in this uphill area.

To the south, the East River Road corridor was already a distinct environment before I-94 severed it from the rest of Prospect Park. The third residential area is downhill, extending west from Luxton Park to Oak Street. This is mainly the domain of university students. The University Avenue commercial corridor is a fourth distinct area within the official neighborhood boundaries. Finally, the large railroad/industrial zone north of 4th Street SE is a fifth environment.

Prospect Park's physical diverseness is reflected in a broad range of change. The streetcar suburb is very stable, while the downhill section closer to Oak Street and Washington Avenue experiences substantial redevelopment, including private dorms (which accounts for a lion's share of Prospect Park's 24-percent population increase between 1980 and 2000). Presence of the University, the new stadium, and a mid-city location guarantee that the University Avenue corridor will continue to experience rebuilding.

The neighborhood of Prospect Park is rich in both heritage and community spirit. And with a central location between Minneapolis and St. Paul, the real estate in Prospect Park is tied into the prosperity of the metro region - and that is a lovely prospect!

Minneapolis Prospect Park Homes & Condos

Located in Southeast Minneapolis, Prospect Park is close to both downtowns in the Twin City area: Minneapolis and St. Paul. Residents here appreciate the "urban village" feel of the community, and the luxury of living in a quiet neighborhood that's close to everything. Most homes in Prospect Park are within walking distance of recreation, entertainment and shopping centers, as well as a variety of neighborhood events venues.

Prospect Park is said to be "under the Witch's Hat", but it has nothing to do with black cats and broomsticks. The Witch's Hat is the water tower which stands atop Tower Hill, the highest point in all of Minneapolis. The neighborhood is also the site of a house designed by the great American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. Indeed, there are many beautiful homes and properties in Prospect Park, and we will show you all of them, if that is what you desire. To find the home of your dreams be sure to explore the Prospect Park Listings!

Living in Prospect Park

Prospect Park is a very friendly and close-knit community, one that plays host to numerous festivals and events throughout the year. In February there's the Fire and Ice Festival, with hayrides, skating and a bonfire. April offers the Spring Holiday Concert, while May boasts the Luxton Park Painters Art Show and Sale. Community spirit and block parties abound during the National Night Out, while the Ice Cream Social is the one night of the year when the observation deck of the Witch's Hat is open to the public.

East River Mews, 1501 Franklin Avenue SE/Thornton Ave SE/River Mews Court SE, Minneapolis

East River Mews is a town-housing unit that was built in 2004, it’s sophisticated and traditional design is appropriate for its location near the University. Due to its thorough planning concerning site locale and layout, the feel of the living units is unarguably domestic. Furthermore, variance in its architectural expression allows East River Mews to compliment its Prospect Park setting. Units have been arranged into informal arrangements and have been purposely designed to allow light to enter from multiple directions; the result being the impression that one is in a cheerful single-family house. Since the building is located off East River Road there is local access to paths and trails along the riverside. For an enclosed brick building in such a charming area, East River Mews is very reasonably priced.


M Flats, 2900 University Avenue SE, Minneapolis

Given the seemingly insatiable need for housing near the University, the 44-unit M Flats, under construction in 2007, is a welcome addition. Set along below the distinctive Prospect Park Witch's Hat water tower, the location is close to the campus, on the bus line to both downtowns, and near I-94 freeway access. Behind the animated exterior, individual units lay out in open plans. By University-area standards, these brand new units are relatively inexpensive.


U Flats Condos, 2600 University Avenue SE, Minneapolis

Several private-housing developments intended for University students have recently been built along the University Avenue corridor in Prospect Park (and just into St. Paul). The location near campus, with frequent bus service is an obvious attraction. U Flats Condos offer very compact studio and one-bedroom units that are nevertheless expansive compared to the University's dorm rooms built in the postwar years. The transitway between the Minneapolis-Main and St. Paul campuses is just to the north, and convenient access to South Minneapolis is available on 27th Avenue SE across the Franklin Bridge.

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